GR8 Security work with a number of warehouses and offices in the Cambridge and Greater London areas to provide effective security solutions. With a number of clients of long standing in this sector, we have over the years developed protocols and procedures to enable us to provide maximum diligence with cost-effective security solutions.

The provision of an effective security soliton at a Blue Chip warehousing complex requires integrity and a vigilant approach to their security, supported by an experienced management team. We deliver bespoke security strategies, assigning SIA licensed static ‘Gatehouse’ Security Officers and high visibility Mobile Security Patrols to safeguard the entirety of your operation 24/7.

We will strictly control the access and egress to your facility of both people and vehicles. Our professional security staff will prevent theft and vandalism whilst effectively excluding trespassers and unauthorised visitors. In conjunction with our client’s protocols, we will create and maintain accurate records of the movements of all people, property and vehicles. This approach will reduce and eliminate potential losses.

Our services are bespoke to provide you with optimum security. We will develop a close working partnership with you and your team around your operations and specifications to deliver an effective and measurable approach to your security needs.