We work with the Newlon Housing Trust (a large registered social landlord), helping with their security needs since 2006.

CSS carry out all facets of security for Newlon. The critical success factor to this contract is the team of staff that we provide; Newlon requires a team of staff with a ‘Can-Do attitude’. This involves a great deal of trust and initially proof, proof that they could be left to get on with the job and achieve desirable results. We partner this success factor with the response of our company to their requests, (i.e. honest, timely and positive responses) together with the support that both they and our team require at times. Added value initiatives have led to Newlon entrusting our company with additional work/responsibilities and has even led a council to visit the location to get ideas on running their Concierge service.


A quote from our client:

“Newlon think the team does such a valuable role for us that we have included them in all our corporate staff training. Also, that they have become so competent in housing front line services that they oversee, line manages and issue works to our handyman contractor across all of our new sites (30 blocks). The guys also liaise with the police safer neighbourhood teams in crime prevention and crime detection on a regular basis across all our monitored sites; the boroughs in which the liaise are Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Islington.”