H12 Working Time Regulations Opt Out Agreement

  • I understand that the effect of the 1998 Working Time Regulations, which became law on 1st October 1998, would Iimit my average working week to a maximum of 48 hours, inclusive of any double time payments, over a seven day period averaged over 17 weeks.

    GR8 Security Limited has informed me that should I not wish to work in excess of 48 hours then I will suffer no detriment nor be treated Iess favourably than any other employee.

    Given these understandings I wish to dis-apply the effect of the Regulations in relation to the maximum 48-hour limit the effect of which is to remove the 48-hour maximum limit in relation to my employment indefinitely. For the avoidance of doubt the terms of my contract of employment in particular to additional shifts at the reasonable request of the Proprietor or Senior Managers are not effected by this agreement.

    Additionally I agree that should I wish to revert to the 48 hour maximum as specified in the Working Time Regulations, I will give the company a minimum of twelve weeks notice, in writing, of cancellation of this agreement in order that they can make the necessary business arrangements to meet operational/customer requirements.
  • GR8 Security Limited
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    Date: 01/07/2022

Registered in England And Wales: GR8 Security Limited, 4 Cyrus Way, Hampton, Peterborough, England, PE7 8HP. Companies House registration number: 6497135. VAT Registration Number: 932 408633



GR8 Security Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding.
GR8 are proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer

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